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Dr. Bruce Ballon, Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Bruce Ballon

Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Bruce Ballon is a certified psychiatrist, licensed to practice in the Provinces of Nova Scotia and Ontario. He is the Medical Director for both the Nurses’ Health and Pharmacists’ Health Programs of Ontario. He has also acted as a consultant for many healthcare professional organizations in regard to addiction and mental-health issues, such as the OMA, MOHLTC, and the CNO. His specializations include Youth and Family Psychiatry, Addictions and Concurrent Disorders, and Psychological Trauma. He has provided ongoing direct clinical psychiatric care delivery since 1993, with no ceasing of practice.

Through clinical activities, he has developed unique and specialized clinical programs for special populations. These programs include the youth addiction program, youth concurrent disorders program, ACES program, the problem gambling, gaming and internet use program, and the day program for psychological trauma, addictions and mental health. In addition to other education activities, Dr. Ballon also directly supervises and helps train healthcare providers in the field of mental health, for delivery of care to patients.

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Assessor Backgrounds & Experience

Dr. Bruce Ballon has been involved in providing Independent Medical Evaluations for two decades. He has created numerous clinical treatment programs for addressing complex health conditions involving trauma, mental health and addiction. He currently holds positions at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Mount Sinai Hospital, Homewood Health, and Baycrest Hospital. He also is an international recognized educator specializing in experiential learning techniques for training healthcare professionals and first responders. He is responsible for overseeing evidence-based approaches and care by other treatment providers in role of the Medical Director for both the Nurses’ Health Program of Ontario and the Pharmacist’s Health Program of Ontario. Dr. Ballon is an active member of the CAMH Psychiatric Staff since 1998 – until 2017, then became courtesy staff as an active member of the Psychiatric Staff at Homewood Health Clinics in 2017. He is also a member of courtesy staff with admitting / hospital privileges at CAMH and Mount Sinai Hospital and Baycrest Hospital.

In addition to general psychiatry expertise, please note Dr. Ballon also has the following subspecialties and expertise:

  • Addiction Psychiatry (substance)
  • Addiction Psychiatry (Behavioural e.g. Problem Gambling, Tech Use, Shopping, Sexual Activities)
  • Youth And Family Psychiatry
  • Psychological Trauma
  • Health/Wellness

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Assessors Education

His qualifications include a BSc. Honours in Genetics, his M.D., his Psychiatry specialization, and fellowships in Addiction Psychiatry and Youth Psychiatry.

Assessor Awards, Achievements & Accolades

Dr. Bruce Ballon is recognized as an expert clinician via various awards by his peers, including the national C. A. Roberts Award for Clinical Leadership from the Canadian Psychiatric Association and being appointed a Fellow of that organization.

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