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Virtual Medical File Reviews with Expert Interview

With the quick rise of Virtual Mediations, we understand that when there is limited ability to assess in person, you will need other options to give you’re file the expert opinion it needs for mediation or any other reason.

What is a Virtual Expert Interview?

Quite simply it is a process whereby, for any muscoskeletal type assessment, the assessment request is sent to AssessMed through normal channels (for the time being all LOI for assessors and med briefs must come electronic transfer) and in return, you are provided with one important date:

 1) Date of Virtual Interview with a Medical Expert of your choice

The Assessor of choice will review the medical file before the virtual interview. The virtual interview will then be completed with the plaintiff by an assessor. During the virtual interview, the plaintiff will be questioned no differently than he or she would have been during any normal, inperson assessment process that existed prior to the restrictions on close human contact that currently exist. The plaintiff will be live on screen with the medical assessor.  There will be a limited physical examination.

During the Virtual interview, the assessor will always go over the details obtained from his/her medical file review and ensure everything either remains unchanged or if there are any recently developed changes in that must be noted. After the virtual interview the full medical legal report would be completed.

If the need arises in the future, following mediation, but before trial, the assessor could assess the plaintiff in person and provide an updated report.

Advantages to Medical File Reviews With Virtual Interview

  • The opportunity to initiate new referrals through AM and meet deadlines for mediation, settlement discussions, etc.
  • Avoid the mad rush that will inevitably ensue when in person assessments are again socially permissible.
  • Make your client feel confident that they are still front of mind, by giving them facetime with a medical assessor you are letting them know you are still focused on their file and utilizing creative means to advance their file needs.
  • Reduced cost compared to and In Person Assessment
  • Avoid Travel Costs of plaintiff and/or Assessor
  • Should the need arise in the future for the assessor to examine the plaintiff, the assessor has already fully reviewed the file, and cost of in person would be reduced based on the size of new medical records.
  • All of the above continues to be coordinated by AM with the same attention to detail and timeliness in process.
  • By booking as many referrals as possible now in this manner, you are allowing assessors and their intake staff to keep active on your files. And for those cases where we cannot book the virtual interview now but need to book an assessment when we are back to business as usual, our assessor pool will have more capacity for rush assessment requests.
  • Virtual Interviews can take place online, in a lawyer’s office, in some select AssessMed staffed offices or from the plaintiff’s home. As a last resort, the virtual Interview can also be completed by telephone.
  • Assessors are prepared to do a full medical file review and Virtual Interview to offer verbal or written opinions strictly for the purposes of mediation or settlement talks and if a file does not settle an inperson can be booked at a future date if requested.
  • While there are no cancellation fees for this service, plaintiff cooperation is of course vital in the process. The assessor would continue to formulate his/her opinion based on the medical file review.

Our virtual care solutions allow for secure video and messaging between clinicians and patients via a web browser. The security safeguards are compliant with the regulations and conditions set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act. 

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