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Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

Independent Medical Evaluations (or IMEs) are conducted to determine the cause and extent of an individual’s injury when liability is an issue. They do so by providing an objective third-party assessment of the examinee’s medical status.

This means that the process does not involve pre-existing doctor-patient relationships. The process is also not influenced by the source that refers the examination.

We offer this service across the country, with locations in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and Newfoundland.

The evaluation will consist of a physical exam by an unbiased, certified health care professional. Depending on the claimant’s case and condition, multi-speciality physicians may be required.

Regardless, the Independent Medical Examination will provide a detailed report about the patient’s:

  • Prognosis
  • Timeline for recovery
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Expected recovery outcomes

These evaluations are thorough and detail-oriented, and examinees will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.

If you would like to learn more about our suite of Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) services, contact us today.

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