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We help accident benefits adjusters and in-house insurance company lawyers manage their claims cases with ease, and we have assessors for every type of case. Our roster has significant depth and diversity; common requests include ortho, physiatry, and psychological assessments, but we also offer evaluations from endocrinologists, cardiologists, general surgeons, internal medicine specialists, infectious disease specialists, and pediatric specialists.

We put careful consideration into our assessor qualifying and approval process; all of our assessors have current clinical practices or teaching appointments. We select assessors that are experienced professionals within their respective fields of expertise and in good standing with their respective colleagues and regulatory bodies. We offer a highly experienced Catastrophic Assessment team with several CAT certified assessors available in different disciplines.

All reports are prepared as though the case were going to trial and, when given ample notice, all of our assessors are readily available as witnesses for trial or arbitration. Assessors are also available for pre and post assessment phone consultations with the referral source upon request.

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