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AssessMed is the best source for honest, forthright, and well reasoned medical opinions. If you are looking for reports that solely reflect your opinion, look elsewhere.  If you want an unbiased medical opinion, within a vast array of medical fields, and the benefit of timely reporting, look no further than AssessMed.

Chris Stribopoulos and David M. José
O'Donnell Robertson & Sanfilippo

I am the principal partner of a personal injury law firm that services the GTA and my firm continuously relies on AssessMed for the timely delivery of highly credible and objective based medical legal reports. AssessMed has a highly diverse and experienced roster of medical professionals that understand how to properly prepare a strong defensible report. I am always confident that if need be I can rely on their expert’s reports to stand the scrutiny of cross examination and the challenge of an opposing expert’s opinion.

John Russell
Dye & Russell LLP

I am a law clerk working for a large downtown personal injury firm in Toronto. AssessMed is my primary source for obtaining quality defense medicals on a very timely basis. Their hands on, customer focused approach is second to none and they never fail to answer all my inquiries in rapid fashion and they specialize in booking those hard to schedule referrals on a rush basis when required.

Danika Cruickshank
Dutton Brock LLP

Assessmed are timely with their reports and correspondence, and they provide prompt communication throughout the referral process from start to finish.


The reports are clear, and concise.  They are very objective, detailed, and defensible.


The staff is very friendly, courteous, professional and accommodating.


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