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Vocational and Employability Assessments

Vocational and Employability Assessments identify an individual’s physical and vocational abilities. Evaluees often have cognitive, emotional, functional, or psychological difficulties that hamper their abilities to begin or maintain employment. These restrictions are often imposed by an injury or severe illness.

Objective, certified professionals conduct these examinations to match the individual with the best available jobs. These jobs are consistent with the individual’s skills, aptitudes, interests, and experience. To determine employment options, assessments also review the individual’s physiological and psychological medical information.

Vocational and Employability Assessments investigate:

  • The evaluee’s occupational history
  • The evaluee’s education levels
  • The evaluee’s transferable skills
  • The evaluee’s learning style
  • The evaluee’s personality, especially if he or she suffers from cognitive or emotional impairments
  • The current labour market and available work opportunities

Throughout the process, evaluees can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy from assessors.

What Does a Vocational Assessment Report Include?

The content of Vocational and Employability Assessment reports vary on a case-by-case basis.

A report is a generally thorough analysis of the examinee’s abilities and qualifications. The report may also contain an explanation of suitable vocational options. Furthermore, employment barriers that an evaluee may face could also be included in the report. All potential recommendations are clearly stated.

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