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Assessor Spotlight: Cindi Goodfield, M.A., Psychologist

Posted on October 30th, 2018 by Don Kunkel

Assessor SpotlightAssessMed’s ongoing Spotlight Series serves to highlight some of the experienced medical professionals we have working with our Canada-wide teams. We take pride in the care with which we choose our assessors, ensuring they are well credentialed, have current clinical experience, and are in good standing with the respective regulatory bodies. All of our assessors are committed to offering high quality, unbiased, and evidence-based medical reports that reflect our professional values.

Cindi Goodfield’s Experience

Cindi Goodfield is a duly registered Psychologist in the Province of Ontario. She has been a member of the College of Psychologists since 1998. She is affiliated with the Ontario Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators, and the Association for Scientific Advancement in Psychological Injury and Law. She is internationally certified in Impairment and Disability Rating by the American Board of Forensic Professionals. She has been approved as an expert witness in the Province of Ontario.

Cindi Goodfield’s expertise lies in the areas of Clinical, Counselling, and Rehabilitation Psychology:

  • She has extensive experience conducting psychological assessments with motor vehicle accident (MVA) claimants and injured workers, including catastrophic, disability, med/rehab, and psychovocational assessments.
  • She has performed assessments for a variety of insurance companies, legal firms, the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).
  • She conducts comprehensive defense and plaintiff medico-legal assessments.

Cindi Goodfield has served as a consultant in facilities that provide multidisciplinary chronic pain programs for WSIB and MVA claimants. She was an approved Disability and Med Rehab DAC assessor under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario for over seven years.

Cindi Goodfield is currently performing assessments in Ontario. Please contact AssessMed for her full CV, sample reports, or for details regarding her availability.

Since 1991, AssessMed has assisted organizations by providing objective IME services across Canada. Contact us today to learn about our suite of CARF-accredited offerings.

Stay tuned to our blog for the next installment in our Doctor Spotlight series!

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