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AssessMed Announces Kerri Harrison as the New Director in British Columbia

Posted on January 21st, 2019 by Don Kunkel

AssessMed’s ownership and senior management staff are pleased and excited to announce Kerri Harrison as the new Director in British Columbia.kerri harrison smiling with white background

With over 13 years of sales experience in the medical and insurance industry, Kerri brings in-depth knowledge of disability management and healthcare. Kerri has worked for several industry leading providers in both the insurance and medical field. She has a proven track record of achieving tremendous growth in sales and has been a keynote speaker at various conferences. Kerri brings a unique perspective to the industry and can identify opportunities to further enhance business growth through strategic partnerships.

Her educational background in Kinesiology and Physical Education combined with her Post Graduate studies in Sport and Event Management enable her to bring both science and business savvy to her new role.

Kerri is a dynamic person with a passion for sales, health, fitness, and humanitarianism. She enjoys learning and teaching, exploring and understanding, and ultimately challenging herself in many aspects of her life. She is an avid swimmer, hiker, scuba diver, cyclist, and triathlete. She enjoys extreme sports and challenges. She also has travelled to many countries in the world and loves to go “where the wild things are.”

Don Kunkel, President of AssessMed, commented, “This is truly a bitter-sweet moment in the continued evolution of the BC business unit. While we are collectively saddened by the departure of Christopher, who was largely responsible for the enormous successes of our BC operation to date, we wish him well on all his future endeavors and are tremendously excited to onboard Kerri and watch intently as she takes our west coast business to an even higher level of success!”

AssessMed is Canada’s leading provider of objective Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) services with offices across the country to meet your needs to learn about our suite of CARF-accredited offerings.

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I am the President of AssessMed, a company that specializes in providing unbiased, evidence-based medical assessments and file reviews. I have over 25 years of experience, and many years of leadership in the insurance industry, working as an insurance adjuster and representative before moving into the Independent Medical Evaluation area in 2001. The continued success of AssessMed relies on our focus and dedication to our clients; adjusters, legal professionals, and HR consultants all of whom have very different requirements. We pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service to help make the process simpler for every individual involved.

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